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365 Days HD

365 Days 

365 Days (2020) 365 วัน

365 Days 


365 Days Massimo Torricelli Sicilian Mfia criminal family and Black Market dealers meet. Massimo Torricelli then watches an attractive beach girl and speaks with his father, the mafia boss. Massimo is killed by dealers, and his father is killed.

Massimo Torricelli, the criminal family’s leader, is now the family’s leader five years after the fact. Laura Biel, a Warsaw resident, is not happy with Martin who is her boyfriend. Laura is celebrating her 29th birthday in Italy with Martin and her best close friend Olga as well as Martin. Martin’s trip to Etna is delayed by Laura and she wanders through the streets and runs into Massimo. Massimo kidnaps Laura.

Massimo informs Laura at his home that he first met her five years ago at the shore. He was so devastated that it was impossible to think of anything else other than her. He looked for her for several years before finally coming across her. He wanted to make her in prison for 365 consecutive days to ensure that she would be in love with him. He guarantees that he will not ever touch her without her permission even if he’s physically and sexually aggressive toward her.

Laura is a bit flirty with him when they spend time together, and she isn’t willing to have sexual relations. She teases him in an hotel in Rome and she is put on his mattress. Massimo is able to make Laura observe him engaging in sexual relations with a different woman. He says he’s planning to get her attention however, he decides to change his mind and tells Laura to dress to attend a nightclub.

Laura shows her personality in front of Massimo and his pals in the club and he is furious. The man starts to grope her as she begins to play with a mafia gang member who is a rival. Massimo pulls out his guns, and Laura is removed out of the club. Laura wakes up on a boat the next morning to discover Massimo and Mario fighting. Massimo confesses to having killed the man who was groping Laura. The incident sparked an unrest between the two families. Massimo is accused by Laura of the incident, and Laura attempts to apologize. They disagree and Laura is swept into the water and becomes panicked. Massimo jumps in to help Laura. He confesses to being worried that she might not be able to make it, and he isn’t willing to lose her. Laura starts to be drawn to Massimo, and they have a lot of sexual relations.

In the evening, Massimo, Laura and Anna go to a masquerade ball in which Anna is threatening Laura. Massimo informs Laura that Anna was his lover Anna and threatens Laura with leaving if she saw Laura. This was the case after he met Laura in the airport.

Massimo and Laura are back in a sex session after the ball. Massimo informs Laura that he’s going to Warsaw to visit her family. He assures her that he will be there when she’s finished with her work. He assures her that he is a lover and cherishes her.

Domenico, another mafioso who was a part of Massimo, attempted to keep his cool Laura while he drove Laura to the airport. However, he received an email and instructed Laura to stay in Warsaw.

Laura is waiting in Warsaw to see Massimo for a few days, without any communication. Olga, her closest friend, is together with Laura, and they head out to a club. Martin arrives at her door, telling her that he wanted her to express his regrets. Martin tries to convince her to forgive him, and returns to her home where Massimo is waiting in awe. Martin goes away and Laura and Massimo are in a relationship. Laura is shocked to see the scars that he’s sustained during the ongoing war when she opens her shirt. He is stunned to discover that she is in love with him. Massimo proposes to her in the morning, and she accepts. She requests Massimo to keep her parents’ “occupation” secret.

Mario informs Massimo that tensions are escalating again in Italy. Laura says she’s sick, but she doesn’t visit the doctor. Laura explains to Massimo that she’s refusing to allow her family members to attend the wedding as they don’t want to discover the details of what Massimo does. However, Massimo allows Olga to come as Laura’s bridesmaid. Laura informs Olga she’s pregnant when Olga arrives to visit. Olga urges Laura to share with Massimo all about her pregnancy. Laura contacts him to inquire if they can discuss the issue after dinner. Mario receives a phone message from an Torricelli informant who claims that a mafia gang rival to his is set to kill Laura. Laura’s car travels through a tunnel, however it doesn’t go to the other side. Mario is quick to find Massimo just when Laura rings. Massimo is aware of the consequences and collapses. The tunnel’s entry point is closed by a police vehicle.